Getting The Nursery Together During The Pregnancy (3)


Getting The Nursery Together During The Pregnancy

Whether you’re experiencing a initial pregnancy or a 3rd, taking care of oneself, the baby, and your loved ones are more significant than ever. These useful strategies are ideal small tidbits for anybody whom is expecting or knows somebody whom is expecting a baby. Combined with sound health guidance from a doctor, you are able to utilize any of these tricks to result in the experience 1 to keep in mind.

Be sure to find the doctor before we start striving to receive expectant. He or she can provide we a wise, total check-up to ensure the body is within advantageous functioning purchase to carry a baby. Potential problems could moreover be ruled out or treated, like diabetes, weight plus thyroid difficulties.

Open the windows whenever designing or painting the nursery. Creating a area for a baby is a happy procedure, yet paint or wallpaper fumes is hazardous. Do a house designing about a day whenever you are able to keep fresh air flowing. If you are doing noticeable renovations or repairs, have others do the remodel to limit a exposure to chemicals plus fumes.

It is significant to take an appropriate amount of B vitamins whilst you may be expectant. They supply power plus mental clearness. They have the ability to boost the wellness of girls that are enduring gestational diabetes. Finally, B vitamins assist avoid the onset of depression throughout every stage of pregnancy.

It can be extremely fun setting up a nursery for a child plus selecting the appropriate furniture plus area decorations. Ensure which we never come inside contact with any paint when you may be assisting with all the designing considering which can be hazardous. Also, be sure to not assist with wallpaper considering the glue which is selected is dangerous.

Men don’t usually see what expectant mothers want because clearly because their wives do! Dads, remember the strain the loved one’s body is beneath and the discomfort plus psychological strain she feels. It functions wonders whenever we come house from function with dinner or provide to aid with different tasks. Give the spouse a boost and you may receive 1 also!

When you’re expecting avoid taking any over-the-counter (OTC) drugs without initially contacting a pharmacist. Many of the OTC treatments will really be harmful to the baby, when they are passed about from the womb. The truth is several OTC treatments – could plus might – be passed about by the womb!

Read a pregnancy book. They supply expectant parents with a riches of info about what to anticipate both throughout the pregnancy plus following the baby is born. They provide new parents part of notice by assisting them program, plus they answer concerns which they can not like to ask their neighbors or family members.

Any of the hand-picked strategies we merely read are really a tiny piece of the healthy, happy pregnancy, whether it’s your, a friend, or member of the family. Following this guidance is really the initial step inside creating a secure plus smooth transition for baby’s journey within the mother’s womb into the real planet.


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She is about a year old, i have a couple of issues.
- she has what looks like blood coming from her nose, i have tried calling vets, but no one in my area deals with small animals. is there anything i can do or am i freaking out for nothing. this just started about 2 days ago.
- also i have had her with a male fancy rat for about 4 months and no babys. Any Suggestions?
ok so how do i fix it? i love them both very much but i don’t have room for another cage?
oh there names are Sadie(f), Numbs(m, he is missing a leg, from birth)
i’m using softt sorb bedding, And i have many friends that are wanting a dumbo baby so if she did mate they would all have homes!

Ohh its really sad becouse at first i had not planned for the pregnancy iam 25 yrs and my boyfriend is 30 and had to stay together , we were ok untill recentely 3 months ago he is not working any more and i am the only one working i am 7months pregant getting weaker by day and i have not bought anything for my baby i had so much plans which seems will not happen as i do help in all house expencies ,rent everything with my little salary which iam not complaining so is it too late to buy cloths or anything for my baby another thing iam sad my baby will be born when we have so much problems iam so scared but try to be strong another thing iam not eating well as in good diet or in between meal i have to eat 3 or 2 times a day as we try to save money so, will my baby be tiny in small size as i dont eat well hoping my baby will be big and healthyThen he compares me with him like eating he like we can stay without when i talk iam complaining but aim pregnant en thinking of the baby

I have a mouse 2 1/2 weeks pregnant, and I set up a little nesting box that she enjoys. I was wondering if there is anything I can do to give her an easier time? Thank you.

Most: My boyfriend, both pregnancies. I was 15 when I got pregnant with my son, 16 when I gave birth. This time around I was 18 when I got pregnant with my daughter and I’ll be 19 when I give birth. He has stood by my and our son’s side from day 1 :) He is so understanding and supportive, even when I send him to Taco Bell at 2AM to get me Volcano Nachos and a Baja Blast ;) I couldn’t ask for a better father to my kids and I am so so so blessed that we’ve managed to stay together and create an amazing family, even through the struggles.

Least: My mom, both pregnancies. With my first pregnancy she constantly pressured us into adoption because she didn’t want me to have a baby. It didn’t matter that we had moved out and had our nursery set up…she would still come over and bring me pamphlets from adoption agencies and tell me that I was being selfish for not giving my son a better life. With this pregnancy she has said some of the cruelest things and I just can’t understand why. She has called this baby a mistake at least 20 times and every time I see her she tells me that I’ll never be anything in life because, in her words, “All I’m good for is spreading my legs.” I haven’t seen her or talked to her in almost 3 weeks and I have no plans on ever taking myself or my kids around her again.

BQ- What’d you cook for dinner?

My son is 2.9 months and doesn’t utter a single proper word.We were trying a lot to make him say Atleast ‘amma’,but he say it very rarely.Once in a while he says a single word or 2 words joined together but that too unknowingly.If we also repeat,he’ll show happiness but won’t respond if we ask him questions out of that two word phrase which he just uttered.We took him to speech therapy,but after few days he wasn’t ready to attend that 45 minute session.They gave lot of homework to do.but only slight improvement.Now the condition is like he’ll respond to my simple instructions like give the toy to grandma,give the bottle to Amma and so on.he responds if I call him his name .But all these responsiveness which he shows to me is not repeated if somebody else ask him to do.He used to wave bye until he was 2 years old.Now only if we force him he’ll do it.We put him in nursery and teachers out there say now a days he has much better attention during prayer time and teaching time.earlier he used to just run around.But they also complain that he nevers responds if they call his name..only rarely he responds and also he has great concentration on what he’s doing.He never does any repetitive work.but he stares at one particular tube light and smile.earlier he used to have similar obsessin with a clock and we tried a lot and he totally forgot that direction.
We are 100% sure that he understands what all we say,each and everything but he seems to be just stubborn in listening commands of somebody other than me ask him to do.
Another characteristic is if he needs something he’ll pull us to the location and point the object.sometimes he raises our hand and make us touch the object also.If we ask him to choose between 2 objects,he does many a times I had noticed him looking half way to the direction from
Which his name is getting uttered and if he feels we are simply calling,he won’t respond,else he’ll surely come to us.he has no hearing issues and he could undress himself but not willing to sit in potty even though he knows the use of potty.another issue is sometimes hell wake up at night and simply stare unwilling to sleep.if we switch on tube light he’ll start playing with toys.If he is with toys,he’ll try not to respond to me ,but will respond if I call him loudly.Family members are of the
Opinion that he doesn’t know
His name and just recognized my voice so he’s responding to me.He often comes and hugs me tightly nd give me and immediate family members and kiss,shake hand if we ask him.He’s getting irritated if we ask him to speak and not responding to his gestures though stops after crying for a while and try to get his needs from some other family member.He smiles if someone stranger comes home and gets the gifts from them with ought any hesitation .Hes also close with nursery teacher and ayahs out there.He knows shame also…tries to cover up if he s nude an we make fun of him.He recognises the difference between cold and hot objects. After reading abt autism we still have doubt if my son is at risk .doctors are asking to wait until 3 yrs ,but he’s almost 3 the point which alarm us a lot.

Pregnancy & Parenting > Toddler & Preschooler

I’ve seen people post questions like this before. And I’m sure every woman has it going through her head during her 2nd pregnancy, but for me it just seems harder to believe…my concern is that I won’t love my 2nd son as much as my first. =( I know it’s sad to say, and I would never favor one child over another. But I’m just worried I can’t offer the same kind of love to my 2nd son(due in Nov). Here’s why I believe this:

With my first pregnancy. It was a dream come true at first. Then turned to a nightmare. Judge me, I do not care. I was with my b/f for 3 almost 4 years, we had been trying to get pregnant for 2 years, no luck. He started working 3rd shift, when I was working 2nd, so it was hard for us to spend much time together like we had been doing in the past. Well, I had gotten back in touch with some old friends, began partying and ran into an old crush. BF found out, decided we should just take a break. He didn’t like that I was friends with the old crush. I was so depressed he wanted to take a break. Well we were apart for about a month, I slept with my old crush 3 times, protected!!! Condom only though. I was not on BC. A week after I had slept with him for the last time, my ex and I got back together. We of course, had sex too. Then he decided I should move in with him. So I did. We had sex a lot more, unprotected, trying to get pregnant. Seemed perfect. A few weeks go by, and I find out I;m pregnant. Of course, we think nothing of the crush b/c that had been protected. Well, long story short. My ex’s mom is a nosy bitch and heard us talking it over one night. She decided to step in and pay for the paternity test. At 3 months old, we found out my son was not my lovers. =( He had been there the whole pregnancy, we did the nursery together, baby shower together, he was by my side during labor and delivery. It was SO perfect. Everything I ever imagined!! So shortly after finding out my son was not my lovers we just kind of went our separate ways, he was hurt of course. And didn’t know what to do. And I didn’t either.

I told the other guy. He was shocked. Paternity test for him came back a positive match. He was a POS “father” the first year of my sons life. He didn’t have a job, so I was raising him all on my own. Never filed for child support. After my son turned 1, his father came around more, and I opened my apartment up to him so he could be around his son more and vice verse. I ended up falling for his slick talk and other BS. We dated on and off before my sons 1st b’day too btw. Well, we had finally made it officially in January that we were “together”. Beginning of Feb he moved to FL after accepting a job. And he said he’d like it if I’d move wth him, after my lease ended in May. DUMMY me, I did. Oh, but In March we had found out that we’re pregnant with #2. So that gave me more of a reason to move with him, plus things were going great, we talked on the phone all the time, web cammed. So I moved from MD, left my whole fam. behind, to go to FL. It was good at first. He told me not to find a job and stay at home with our 18 mth old. But now we never have money to do anything fun. I’m about 6 months pregnant and can’t find a job down here to help out. And I can’t seem to stop thinking about my ex and how perfect things were between us during my first pregnancy. And how happy I was. And I kind of feel like the way my bf and my relationship is, will have effect on my love for my second son. I know now I love him already. But I know I love my first born more than ANYTHING in this world after all I have been through.

So has anyone been through any similar situation? My mom was there for me, always is, and she told me a friend of hers was married, trying to get pregnant, they split for a bit and then she got pregnant by another guy. But I need to hear personal experiences to make me feel better, you know? It doesn’t help that all my friends are with people they love and getting pregnant. I’m not sure I “love” my b/f. I know I don’t care for him like I did/do my ex. I feel like I’ll never love another man the way I love him. Still love him, more than a year after all that.

Blahhh, I guess this is just me venting! lol But I really want to know how other woman felt when they were pregnant with their 2nd child. My son is 18 months old right now, he’ll be about 22-23 months when my 2nd is born.
Sorry it’s so long!!! =(
Very sad…I’m suprised I’ve held up so well through all of this. And I know that’s why I feel so close to my 18 month old. There were many nights when I just held him in his sleep and bawled my eyes out. =(

Like drink coffee, ate too much..

Im just wondering if anybody here has smoked during pregnancy, Im nearly 6 months and a smoker, me and baby are healthy, but I was just wondering If anyone else out there has smoked and if the baby is healthy? Im going to give up though, just incase. And how many smokes did you have a day? Just curious
This is my first baby
and when i give up, what should i do in my free time?

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